from Groom Justin in York, ME

My wife and I hired Melanie as both the organizer and officiant of our wedding. I will admit at first I was a little trepidatious at the need for an organizer of our wedding. In all seriousness, it was the best thing we spent money on!

I was unfortunately abroad during the wedding planning, leaving most of the wedding to my wife. Thankfully Melanie kept us on point during the entire process, all within budget. She told us when things would need to be completed by and never let anything slip through the cracks. One of the best parts from the planning perspective was that she was always an email or phone call away. Our wedding planning quickly turned into, let's just ask Melanie to make sure, and having her experience was invaluable.

One of the main reasons we used Melanie was because we didn’t want to worry about the day of wedding set up. Our wedding day I literally sat by the pool at the hotel, completely stress free as she ran the show. When I finally was getting ready for the wedding and my tuxedo shirt holes were too small for the studs the first person I asked for was Melanie. She quickly tracked down scissors and literally cut the holes in my shirt just a smidge larger so they would fit!

As an officiant Melanie was truly above and beyond. She worked with my wife and I in creating a service that fit who we were completely. She was extremely flexible and really focused on making it about my wife and I. You know the officiant was outstanding when other people in the industry, like our photographer, can’t stop complimenting how well she did.

When friends ask us for advice in planning their own wedding the first thing I say is to hire Melanie. She truly made our wedding the amazing day it was and I could never thank her enough. To really have the perfect wedding you need a professional who has seen it all, can handle any situation and cares about who you are. Melanie truly embodies all of these and is the reason why our wedding was such a success.